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Pay Per Call TV – Per Inquiry TV

October 20, 2012

Pay per Call TV is often called Per Inquiry or PI because this methodology pre-dates the internet and “pay per click” or “pay for performance.” Marketers using a Pay per Call TV strategy only pay for qualified leads. At our agency, we have been running Pay per Call TV advertising for our clients since 1998, generating millions of leads across many categories like inventor leads, tax resolution leads, foreclosure defense, medical tourism, insurance, legal and others.

There is mounting evidence that Pay per Call is gaining momentum across many channels as marketers slowly come to the realization that a web hit is a long, long way from a conversion. Forbes Magazine recently reported that in the online world of advertising Pay per Call could become even bigger than pay per click as advertisers understand the value of a live call versus a casual click. Pay per Call TV (Per Inquiry TV and Radio) has been around in our world since the advent of the toll free number.

Direct Marketing News recently interviewed me for a DRTV feature they were doing, and I explained that we are using more direct response short form spots and long form infomercials with no URL and a toll free number only. Why you ask – because web hits on their very best day convert at less than 10% and sometimes less than 2%, while telephone calls convert on a bad day at 20%, and we have one offer running all year that converts at 64%.

Pay per Call TV offers advertisers with lead generating offers a format that can mitigate media expense, get your sales force the hot leads they need, and the benefits of TV branding as well. Remember, it’s all about the payout and the length of a call. Some of the legal offers can pay thousands for one qualified lead.


Per Inquiry TV and Radio Agency Expands Per Inquiry Specialization

March 3, 2012

DRTV Agency and Infomercial production company, InfoWorx Direct has expanded its capabilities as a per inquiry advertising specialist in short form and long form television and radio. The TV infomercial production company and media buying agency has developed a proprietary platform that can deliver :30 second or :60 second lead generator calls using the client’s 800 numbers or by providing clients with toll free 800 numbers forwarded directly to the client’s call center or in house consultants.

“Our newly developed per inquiry advertising system empowers the marketer to dictate the amount they are willing to pay for a response and also controls the number of responses they are willing to handle.  We have been specializing in pay for performance TV and Radio programs since 1999,” Ron Perlstein, Executive Producer and Media Director at InfoWorx Direct explained. “Our new system allows the client to choose if they want to run spots 24/7 or custom tailor hours to conform to call center operations.”

 In per inquiry TV and Radio advertising, the advertiser can specify how many calls or orders they want and set a price or “payout” for those results. This allows them to use their performance metrics to maximize the potential of their campaigns. 

“We designate one toll free number per campaign, per media outlet, and can answer valid calls which can be :30 or :60 second qualified leads. We can also instantly redirect the calls to any call center or to the marketer’s live consultants,” Perlstein continued. InfoWorx Direct has relationships with hundreds of TV stations, many cable networks, and thousands of radio stations. “The beauty of per inquiry deals is that the client can work within their allowable cost per order and maintain profitability while controlling media costs.  Our proprietary platform and media management systems provide complete tracking information, and can even specify call center hours for valid, qualified leads.  This allows clients and media to partner with a revenue sharing media campaign,” Perlstein added.

Per inquiry campaigns work especially well for legal, tax relief, insurance, mortgages, reverse mortgages, diabetic recruitment, health care and many soft product offers. 

 For 20 years, InfoWorx has established itself as a pioneer in direct response TV advertising, and has generated billions of dollars of major “as seen on TV success” for clients including Emerson Electric, Innovation Direct, SnorEnz, Rubbermaid, and iRobot’s Roomba.  For additional information on InfoWorx, contact Ron Perlstein, or visit

 InfoWorx Direct, LLC, is a full service direct response agency and media buying service with an evolving infomarketing business philosophy. The InfoWorx scientific approach has led to profitable results and success for established companies and newcomers alike.

Per Inquiry Radio-Direct Response Radio

July 31, 2011

There are over 10,000 commercial radio stations in the USA. Radio direct response advertising is on the rise. Think hands free cell phone use! Many stations do not sell out and accept per call or per sale advertising to fill out their inventory. Smart direct marketers are using radio to expand their offers, test their offers, and as a standalone medium. Radio works best for lead generation or a risk free offer. One of our clients uses radio as their primary media, and has sold over 2,000,000 units of one of their popular products. Callers respond to a risk free offer and reach live agents who close the deal and upsell into continuity or a larger unit package

Payout: This is the dollar amount that the marketer pays when a call is placed and lasts for say 30 seconds. Marketers often prefer a “per sale” deal, but media outlets always prefer a “cost per call” deal since they are running the ads and generating a response. Think about it for a moment. You have a dietary supplement in skin care or men’s health. The radio station may have several offers in those categories. Which offer will generate the most revenue for the station and be the easiest sell to the station? Cost per call, of course! A smart direct response media buyer can help crunch the numbers to determine the marketer’s revenue per call. Remember, you are competing with other Per Inquiry (PI) offers, and the stations will jump on offers that give them the best revenue for their unsold inventory. Savvy direct response marketers determine a payout that is competitive in their category and costs less than the cost per call or order of their cash radio buys.

Telemarketing: Per inquiry radio advertising drives calls, and the call center or IVR must have the software and systems to track and source calls to each media outlet. Some Per Inquiry agencies may direct their own toll free numbers to point at a call center for better, more integrated tracking. If your tracking or call center is questionable, forget about per inquiry. Again, a good media buyer or per inquiry radio direct response agency will help with the setup to track the telemarketing.

Per Inquiry direct response radio advertising offers a low cost and scalable marketing strategy. Unlike TV, there is less cost in duplicating and customizing the direct response commercials for proper tracking. Check back here soon to learn more about TV Per Inquiry campaigns.